kozi main range


We are saying goodbye to Winter 2021.


Winter 2021 was not without its challenges.  Unfortunately, we missed many of our regular clients who were not able to come and visit us and our cancellation folder was a bit full.  However, we all got through it as best we could even though it was not easy for many of us on both a personal and professional level.


So here we are, at the end of the ski season.  Perisher and Thredbo worked really hard to make the best of the ‘lockdown’ and stayed as open as they could and provided some of the most memorable days for the lucky ones that actually did make it down to see us and managed to get ‘up the hill’.


The snow in 2021 was on point with a solid base of over 150cm for most of the season. Both of our premier ski resorts worked hard making snow and delivered some world class groomers and park runs .  We are very lucky here in Jindabyne to have the choice of these amazing facilities less than a 30 minute drive away.


We don’t want to make you sad, we want you to be excited for 2022!  While covid has thrown us some curve balls we are all hopeful that learning to live with it and opening our fabulous region in 2022 is on the cards.


Don’t forget Epic Australia passes have gone on sale NOW.  You can lock in your season pass right now for a crazy $49 upfront.  If you get in before the 20 October 2021 you will secure your pass for the low price of $859.  An Epic pass gives you access all season long to Perisher, Falls Creek and Hotham and due to recent events Epic Coverage is included with every single 2022 pass so you can plan your visit with confidence, knowing you are protected from unexpected events.


While Thredbo Winter Passes are not on sale until a bit closer to next season, they have a range of 24/7 and summer passes coming soon and it is definitely worth a look at their website to find the best deals all year round!



Back country touring was a highlight of winter 2021 and many a snowshoe was purchased.  If you would like to turn your hand at this next winter, please let us know, we would love to help you out.  The experience is not only stunningly beautiful, but peaceful and serene. It does not have to be hard work, we can help get you out on the snow with very minimal effort.


Next year we are also pumped to be welcoming the reopening of Mt Selwyn.  The upgraded facilities promise to cater for everyone with a focus on families and beginning sliders.  How much fun will be had at this beautiful resort!  We are very excited about that.


The Jindy Inn was definitely a lot quieter this winter than most, but we have been working hard to make sure we are ready to go when those borders lift (not long now) and we are all shaking off those lock down blues.  Our amazing staff are waiting to welcome you back with open arms and we want to welcome Renae and Jen to the team.  The ladies will be manning reception and look forward to meeting you all very soon.


Our focus for 2022 will be working on for Spring/Summer are packages and adventures.  As we all know, it is not JUST about the snow here in Jindabyne and our region has so much to offer.  Have you thought about a helicopter ride? We are teaming up with Snowy Mountain Helicopters to bring you the most amazing experience.  There really is nothing as breathtaking as the Main Range from the air!  Stay tuned for more info on that one!


Would you like to hire an e-bike?  Take a picnic hamper to a special site on the lake?  We can organise this all for you, just ask us at reception and keep an eye on our blogs for some more detailed information about our upcoming packages.


Jindabyne is the best place in the world in any season and we can’t wait to share our love and passion with you!  See you soon at The Jindy Inn!