We are open for business and travel. When you stay with us you can be guaranteed that we have taken all the precautions and more, advised by authorities. Below is what we have implemented to ensure that Covid-19 does not spread within our motel – protecting both ourselves and our guests.

Our current room cleaning and managing policy/procedure:

Currently we are:


  • At the moment the free breakfast is currently set up in the dining room adhering to the people per square metre rule – much of our breakfast is pre-packaged. Anything we have to prepare is done accordingly with food safety – we have been trained in this. We will be opening up the guest lounge early-mid June for breakfast. Buffet items will be pre-sealed and if hot breakfast is included in your tariff then it will be served as per order instead of buffet style.
  • All crockery, cups and utensils are put through the hot commercial dishwasher twice – and then stacked on our “already used pile” so that if there is any virus still alive on the surface it has several days to die off
  • Rooms get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once guests leave and then disinfected again on day of arrival
  • All common area objects like doors, handles, reception desks, door bells are getting routinely disinfected several times a day
  • We have medical grade disinfectant spray bottles and cleaning clothes available for guests to use and take back to their rooms if they wish
  • We have medical grade hand-sanitiser on front desk at all times and ask that guests sanitise hands each time entering building
  • We triple sheet all our beds – so there are no fabrics that have been touched by previous guests. We have also removed all extra surfaces such as decorative throw pillows.
  •  All sheets, towels and linen goes through a professional clean and steam – so there is guarantee of complete sanitation of linen
  • Unfortunately our restaurant will no longer be open – hopefully we can revisit this in 2022

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Because we are a small business we do all the cleaning and sanitation ourselves, unlike many bigger organisations where strict time limits are placed on staff to complete cleans [this is to ensure profits are maintained], we are not under the pressure to take short-cuts with cleaning. We do not want the virus in our motel so you can be sure we are doing everything within our power to keep a high level of cleanliness and hygiene around the place at all times.


Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

We understand that it is difficult time to book travel as the future travel arrangements can change last minute. In the event Covid-19 stops travel we will be issuing credits for any deposits paid valid for 2 years for all bookings make from May 1st 2020.   Domestic travel insurance starts as low as $100 per year and covers flights, accommodation, tours, tickets booked for an entire year – and many insurers cover pandemics and natural disasters. Websites like choice.com.au is great at comparing options.  Also many credit cards offer free travel insurance when paying accommodation with credit card [this is something worth looking into]

Direct Bookings: Our cancellation policy remains in place. If you can not travel due to Covid restrictions we will be issuing a future credit valid for 2 years for any moneys paid.

Agent Bookings: Please refer to the booking conditions through your booking agent. If you can not travel due to Covid restrictions being put in place we will be issuing a future credit valid for 2 years for any moneys paid.